China’s mainland robot leader must choose Ubtech, show the latest “double robot Walker” in the CES display.

2019 US Consumer Electronics Show CES will be officially carried out in Las Vegas, USA, Beijing time, China’s mainland robot leader must choose Ubtech, show the latest research and development of “Face Robot Walker” at the CES Exhibition Not only can I stand up and down stairs, but also take all kinds of items, quite powerful!

According to “Engadget” report, Walker is approximately 1.4 meters high, with two legs with high degree of freedom, flexible activity, not only can go up and down stairs, walk around, but also take an umbrella, Ƭ and cola, etc., even can do The difficulty of playing, dancing, and the future will enter the mass production period.

Ubtech mainly launched the teaching aid related to the toy small robot and STEM education, but in recent years, it has been actively developing a larger robot.

In fact, in the 2018 International Consumer Electronics Show CES, Chinese manufacturers have launched a double-foot robot Walker, but this year’s exhibition version has more than one pair of arms, but also passing items to others.

It is worth mentioning that compared with last year’s robot version, the updated version redesigned the torso, improved automatic balance, weight from 82 pounds to 170 pounds.

In order to cope with a variety of complex terrain, human machine relies on “High Performance” actuators and sensors to help stabilize and walk. As before, Walker relies on Ubtech itself Synchronization Positioning System and Drawing Technology (Instant Location and Map Building System Reconstruction “U-SLAM”) to plan the path while avoiding obstacles.

In addition, Ubtech also launched another commercial service robot Cruzr. It can personalize the software function, design a multi-angle advertising information, instant video surveillance, one-click, multiple devices, can handle many Cut things, optimize human resources, improve work efficiency, provide an exceptional intelligent service for companies and individuals.

2019 US Consumer Electronics Show (CES) opened from January 8 to 11, this year, there are nearly 4,000 manufacturers in the world, showing the latest technology and innovative products, and is one of the most popular science and technology events worldwide. The number of people watching 180,000, the highlights of the exhibition are mainly focused on 5G, AI artificial intelligence, self-driving and virtual and amplified real-world (VR / AR), will also be an important industrial trend this year.

Every year, CES attracts the participation of industrial elites around the world. Last year, CES attracted more than 4,000 manufacturers in 150 countries around the world, with more than 2.6 million square feet of booth, set a history of 20,000 The new products above, the number of visitors reached 184,000, and the speech exceeded 1,200.

This year, CES will have 11 official venues, the exhibition area of ??2.5 million square feet, with 24 product categories and more than 20 shopping malls, is expected to hold more than 65 conferences, speakers more than 800, the main topics, including the main Trend and emerging technology;

In addition, the Ces SuperSasons will show an emerging industry trend, including invisible doctors, self-driving, and turn AI into new business methods, cognitive technology and virtual reality (VR).

[CES 2019] China You must choose the launch of the two-feet robot Walker, there is a hands to take items, big dance is superflex