With the advancement of technology, AI robots have more and more of our sights. Careful you might find that the people developed by countries are women’s images, and even the researchers of some countries have produced a beautiful robot with their own characteristics.

Japanese robot

The “The world’s most beautiful” robot Erica is to broadcast in Japan. Erica is developed by the Japanese robot master Shi Hao, set to a 23-year-old woman, with a computer-synthetic side-based beautiful face. The voice of the speech is based on the sound recording, which is very close to the voice. According to “Wall Street Journal”, Erica’s humanoid robot is built with silicone, realistic, delicate facial features, and the eyes have 14 infrared sensors, which can identify faces in the room and each person.

This robot can not only be a news aest, but also accept interviews. Erica mentioned when receiving foreign media access, “I have no two people with humans. When people talk to me, they will treat me as a real person. I think this is to treat pets with people. Not the same. “She said, it really wants to know more things in the world, and I hope that my legs, the arms can move towards the day.

A well-known female robot like Erica, there are still many worldwide. Only Japan also has HRP-4C, Miss Mu, Ms.aiko Chihira, launched in Toshiba.

In China, Jia Jia, studied in China, has also become “news people.” Jia Jiaye is about 1.60 meters, weighs less than 50 kg, a long-haired, exquisite five senses and delicate skin, have made many netizens amazed. Previously, media interviewed “Jia Jia’s father” Chen Xiaoping. He revealed that “‘Jiajia’ prototype is the 5 beautiful girls in China University.” Jia Jia is also the third generation of the third generation of the third generation of the robot. In September 2012, the China University of Science and Technology has made “Jia Jia” to guide and understand more than 500 visitors in the school history hall.

For IT male preference, developing female robots, is it is an opposite sex?