Microsoft released Windows Server Iot 2019.

As the old big brother in the field of technology, Microsoft has a unique choice.

For example, in March 2015, an Windows IoT version is introduced in the Windows 10 system;

For example, in September 2018, the Windows 10 ROS1 version (Robot version) is introduced again in the Windows 10 system;

Another example is February 2019, released Windows Server Iot 2019.

According to (public number 🙂 Understanding, the interpretation of David Lemson, which is DAVID Lemson, Director, Microsoft Windows IoT and Network Project Management, “Device Manufacturers can build server-level IoT edge devices by using Windows Server Iot 2019,” High-capacity storage and computing schemes and seamlessly expand between the cloud and the edges. “

Briefly, the Internet will continue to expand from the clouds; for the robot, emphasize its Windows 10 ROS1 version and function again. Specific functions, David Lemson is explained below:

Windows Azure Internet of Things. Developers can easily bring the cloud workload to the edge to make full use of the Windows 10 Internet of Things platform. The managed service delivers cloud intelligence directly to the local transportation and running AI, Azure service and custom logic on cross-platform Internet access, by using this kind of hosting, customers can serve cross-cloud or edge extension tester networking solutions, thus passing The edge deployment of cloud applications and cloud services, ensuring that they meet delays, bandwidth, and data privacy requirements.

Azure Internet of Things equipment. For some cross-industry customers of Windows, when the Internet of Things devices are on site or factory workshops, they are not always possible. Microsoft Azure IoT device proxy allows the operator to remotely configure, monitor, and manage their devices on the Azure dashboard.

Windows operating system robot operating system. Introducing ROS into Windows IoT (ie Windows 10 ROS1) to achieve rich AI and edge AI features, including hardware accelerated Windows machine learning, computer vision, Azure cognitive services, and turnkey connections to Azure Internet Cloud service.

It is worth noting that according to Microsoft’s official website information, Windows Server Iot 2019 can only be licensed by OEM channels with special privileges.

Windows Server Iot 2019 is still divided into two versions of Windows 10 Iot and Windows 10 IoT Enterprise. About the main differences, Microsoft also gives the corresponding comparison:

In cooperation, Microsoft said, continues to cooperate with NXP, can run Windows 10 IoT Core version on I.MX 8M and I.MX 8M Mini processors; continue to work with Qualcomm, you can run Windows on Qualcomm Snapdragon series 10 IoT Enterprise version.

For robots and Internet of Things applications, Microsoft released Windows Server Iot 2019