Recently, many Hong Kong people have the government purchase of new equipment, electronic products very high concern, the earlier the Hong Kong Airport Authority, to buy more than 10 robots, perform different tasks, among them patrol the passenger terminal building, guests also thought Delivery and led to the desired place, and many more new features.

Airport Authority increased investment in automation in recent years, and the use of robotics, the purpose is to improve the efficiency can be, and the same time can improve occupational health, with artificial intelligence, the Hong Kong International Airport using automated robotics, to achieve “intelligent Airport” Vision .

Plan, the current total of more than 10 additional new robot can patrol the passenger terminal building, help detect temperature, adjust the room temperature, and can adjust the strength of the Wi-Fi signal in the same time, the other with indoor positioning, to lead travelers to their destinations , can further reduce the use of human resources.

The Airport Authority is studying the function of the robot food delivery, if the passengers need to order some items (such as food), or delivery of some items, the robot will reach the designated place, waiting for the goods ready, and then transported to the location where the passenger, passenger just use QR CODE, the robot will be able to open the storage tank, and acquire items.

Currently, the system is still in the testing phase, so the function of the robot has not yet been finalized, according to the Airport Authority file, you can see the future have the opportunity to use on unmanned, luggage transport, or for other purposes, I think the system than-life service who say it is more better?

Hong Kong Machinery Bureau “multi-function” robot, patrol + positioning + delivery function