Japanese media reported that in order to enhance local students and teachers’ English level, the local education department decided to introduce 500 robots with artificial intelligence, professor in classrooms. This pilot plan budget should cost 250 million yen, which expects to be able to improach Japanese students’ inferior English writing and conversational capabilities. The responsible official said that one of the robots is to correct the pronunciation of students, and teachers with limited capacity cannot be done.

Officers of the Ministry of Education also mentioned that artificial intelligent robots are just one of their plans, mainly test uses; secondly, they will introduce tablet software and online courses from foreign teachers. At present, the Japanese school is in the face of unable to find the eligibility English teacher, and it is also lacking funds to hire the trained language teaching assistant. Some primary and secondary schools have taken the lead in teaching English, including introducing robots. This program is to cooperate with Japan’s curriculum reform, require all 10 years of age or more to learn English, and now the child is 12 to 15 years old, and the government hopes to be early.

Japan introduced 500 robots, next year, AI teaches students in English