Rinbao is not only Amazon’s multi-year e-reader Kindle foundry. Now I still want to enter the logistics warehousing industry, see how the Renbao team “pay tribute to AMAZON logistics center?

Renbao second AGV hand transport robot L250 can read QROCDE can also be moved without tracking, carrying the shelf way, suitable for logistics warehousing industry.

This is the second AGV handling robot of Rin Bao. The square body can be rotated in the left and right, reducing the large amount of space required for robot’s turn, can guide the robot to automatically go to the designated location, to the fixed point, the robot will drill to the designated shelf Next, the items on the shelves are moved to the shipping staff.

Rin Bao’s second AGV handling robot is actually to Amazon, “pay tribute”, why do you say this?

Pay tribute to Amazon, “Essentials”

“Our second AGV concept comes from Amazon,” Renbao supervisor said that he explained that Amazon logistics management first “the concept of things”, pulling the shelves to the shipping staff, relative to the past logistics warehousing industry, is shipping The staff arrived in the shelf, and people are more efficient.

Renbao secret research and development 2 years of AGV handling robot, selling the warehousing logistics and plant

Renbao said that AGV handling robot development technology is completely self-sufficient, but the concept of the mount is indeed from Amazon.

The relative first AGV is equipped with two glasses of the thin body, moving the goods in “tow” shelf, turning must take the L-shaped crossings, the space is large, more suitable for manufacturing plant production line applications, Renbao Second The turn is relatively small, can be paid between the shelves, in addition to reading the QRCODE advance, there is also light navigation, suitable for the logistics warehousing industry, when the goods are sent, the shelves “Lift” is pulled by the AGV. The operator side, the weight is up to 600 kilograms.

Amazon’s current AGV has about two loads, one can be 1,000 pounds, the second can be 3,000 pounds.

Renbao’s first AGV handling robot can drag 600 kg shelves, body is thin, and the L-turn is suitable for factory production line requirements.

For the AGV technology, Amazon also rely on M & A

AGV plays an important role in logistics or manufacturing plants. Since the cargo is a heavy work, it costs humanity, according to the statistics of the municipal institution, 95% spent 95% in the manufacturing plant in the package, storage and loading, handling and waiting processing, only 5% time is on real assembly, if AGV can automatically handle efficiency, the time can be greatly shortened.

Amazon warehousing automation is successful, relying on high-speed automation, AGV automatically starts to carry goods every morning.

To speed up logistics efficiency, Amazon bought AGV owners Kiva System (now Name Amazon Robotics) as the porter of themselves, Taiwan’s Advana is a major supplier, and 15,000 units were purchased in the first two years.

Amazon’s storage center is large, almost a world-class level, but Amazon still threatens the future to be more intelligent, expect to build unmanned warehouse dreams.

According to the statistics of the municipal institution, it is 2.6 billion US dollars on the scale of the AGV market in 2020, quite nearly 80 billion Taiwanese business opportunities, but Amazon has been with Alibaba, etc. It is aimed at the medium-sized warehouse logistics industry, indicating that Ren Bao has obtained CE safety certification, helping to expand the European market.

Renbao AGV training for two years, will take the takeaway

Rin Bao not only launched the alternation of generations this year. Chen Ruicong, a vice chairman Chen Ruicong, the general manager of the 29-year-old, to create a new business team, and Renbao actually invested many new careers, and strengthened industrial design strength, it is the International IF Bonus Award. Chang Shengjun, 2018 75 IF Awards, Taiwan only got 2, and Rin Bao is the only industry (another is a school).

Renbao General Manager Chen Ruicong is a vice chairman and launches the chairman of the generation.

The Renbao will develop AGV, which is also the automation needs of their own factory. At present, Rin Tao AGV has served more than 4 factory services in the group, accumulating rich field experience, secret development and practice for two years, will be sold in the future Other warehousing and factory have served online.

Rin Bao second AGV L250 products also have orange red appearance, but the functional follow-up is different from the first platform. In addition to the bottom, there is a camera to identify the RQ Code encoding, and there is also a sense of light, can rotate, follow the first AGV will lock different markets and burn.

Guangda invests in Daming robot, starting to harvest this year

Not just Renbao wants to make automatic robotic commercial wealth, the Guangda Group’s Daming robot has also launched a collaborative robot for many years, and this year, it is finally blooming, and it is expected to sell 2,000 arm.

ITS has launched a high-precision robot and OPCUA Robot Communications Standard Alliance, and to build a Taiwan team.

Daming Robot Attends on the 28th, I will announce the first to participate in the OPCua Robot Communications Standard Alliance, build a Taiwan team, join the union member and Delta electricity, Shangmin, new generation, diligent machine and new Chinese intelligence , Daming said that the robots have different PLCs, CNCs, equipment language, establish a set of common standards, allowing robots to coordinate contact with each other, to achieve the purpose of facilitating management. In the “2018 Taiwan Robot and Intelligent Automation Exhibition”, the Invite the operator group Taiwan team, and the right of the machine as the deputy director of the machine, the head of the machine, the general manager of the alliance, the general manager of the alliance , General Manager, General Manager, General Manager, General Manager of Xinhan, Guo Yao Ting, Director of Daming R & D Director.

Hanxiang is 12%, introduced into a domestic robot

Liao Rongxin, chairman of Hanxi Air Industry, said that the gross profit margin of the aviation industry is low, and the orders can only receive 6%. Others are lost, the key is the cost, delivery, and other factors, which can be split in the cost of labor. Material cost, Taiwan’s human cost is about $ 50, relatively 100 US dollars in Japan, but Turkey 10 US dollars, Mexico as long as $ 2, relatively no advantage.

Second, Taiwan space parts, 99% of the raw materials, accounting for 5% of the overall cost, plus 28-30% is human cost, so that the average gross profit margin of global space zero components is only 8%, and Han Xiang expects that the gross profit margin this year can move toward 10% Long-term goals think about 12%, depending on the supply chain integration, in the past, Hanyu uses 5 axis precision processing machines to produce parts, one is 4,000-50,000 yuan, but most of the functions can not be used, resulting in killing chicken With cow knife, the future uses domestic space high-precision robots to replace the cost, the cost is 50% immediately.

ITS introduces an action arm robot system to help retail inventory and replenishment.

IFR (International Federation of Robotics) statistics, the global service of industrial robots reached 2050,000 units in 2017, and it is estimated that 3 million industrial robots will be put into factory production lines in 2020; 370,000 will be shipped this year. Industrial robots, growing 18% from last year, will reach 430,000 units in 2019, 2020 will challenge 500,000 big offices.

Pay tribute to Amazon, Renbao secret research and development 2 years of handling robots into logistics, manufacturing