“Robot Boris has learned to dance, he is not so bad.”

“Russian 24-hour news program” robot “is praised on the stage when reporting a young forum that is committed to robotic technology on Tuesday (December 11).

Look, the host on the side is more like robot …

So, this flexible, real thing is like the “robot” of live people, with this scene spread throughout the world.The British “Independent” said that if this is true, it is one of the most advanced robots in the world.

But soon, some people discovered that it was wrong.

According to the British “Guardian” on December 12, the Russian website “TJournal” lists some questions: Where is the external sensor of Boris?Why do robots do so many “unnecessary movements” when dancing?Also, why do this robot looks just to install a person?

The Russian “most advanced robot” is installed in a big living person.