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Stock internal news notice to help you complete the transaction.

If you are not familiar with these phones, you haven’t received it. In a sense, you may be the child of the selection. After all, this year, I received a harass phone is nothing, I have never been harassing the phone is a new thing.


The harassment you receive is more and more.

According to the World Communication Platform FIRS 241, in 2018, the 2018 harassment phone (hereinafter collective garbage call) accounted for 29.2% of all mobile phones in the United States, while in 2017, this ratio was only 3.7%.

This trend is still continuing.

In November, Americans received a record of 5.7 billion garbage calls in a record. Calculated with a population of 327 million USA, each American received at least 17 garbage calls in November.

5.7 billion garbage calls have been significant. This number is 1.7 billion in October’s garbage call, and everything is proved that the garbage call grows crazy in an unstopable situation.

According to FCC estimates, it is only a waste of 3 billion US dollars to Americans only in handling automatic telephones. The “Consumer Report” reported that now 70% of Americans are no longer answering a phone number.

As of now, US users have received approximately 49 billion garbage calls, which is more than 2018. Youmail CEO Alexquilici is expressed as at the end of December, and US consumers may receive nearly 60 billion garbage calls.

Behind garbage calls, and the maturity of robotic phone technology is not open.

In the third year, I went to a part-time attendant, one hundred and one day in order to make money. It is said that real estate companies will call the operator as a bee because they will make a snoring voice. Call in an open big room, three or forty mobile phones on the ground with you, there is no electricity to change a charging.

In such a working environment, I will probably play five or sixty phones every day, and my colleagues that I have efficiently high can play hundreds of phones. Our slogan is “Hello, here is xxxx, do you have to consider buying a house here?” I didn’t continue to continue because of the pressure of the work environment.

This case is mainly to explain that artificial call is really expensive. Even if a attendant is meticulous, he can play hundreds of calls a day, the cost is also a dollar, it is still not successful to pull the people to see the house and the proposal fee of the house. This is still a cheap college workforce. If it is a professional customer service, pay taxes, the salary is higher, that is higher.

If the cost has been so high, the garbage call will not be so much.

But unfortunately, the cost of a very low cost is coming.

There are too many harassment of robots, I don’t want to answer the phone now.