Can YOGO robot smart distribution stations change the takeaway distribution pattern?

Message, January 16, YOGO Robot released its first group robot smart distribution solution.

Founded in Oct 2015, YOGO ROBOT has been involved in more than 20 robots such as competition robots, sweeping robots, bionic robots. Since the terminal distribution has entered the fuel delivery phase, the final betting industry will finally bet.

The YOGO STATION group robot smart distribution solution is the new product of YOGO to locate the buildings in the terminal distribution industry.

Intelligent delivery station: from single to the system

YOGO ROBOT Joint Foundation Cai Xiaoyu believes that any technology products must experience three stages of imitation, understanding and application, and now we are still in the imitation stage, that is, weak artificial intelligence.

Terminal distribution covers multiple links, and the pain points that are now facing the terminal distribution, Cai Xiaowei believes that mainly include the following three points:

Property management. Many people have low elevator efficiency, high-cost management cost, battery car park management;

Terminal user. The phone is poor, and the power is consumed at the time of the lower building, and the delivery item is not guaranteed;

Logistics disaster. Waiting for the delivery efficiency, the user complaint is not understood, the industry has a gap.

YOGO This released Yogo Station Group Robot smart distribution solution is to solve such a pain point.

YOGO STATION The smart distribution station box is equipped with a takeaway number, which can carry 3 distribution robots at the same time, up to 18 packages, 8 independent controllers, 10 independent transmission systems, and 28 sensors, using vertical The storage space is accurately identified by the three-degree-of-freedom robotic arm, and is issued to the corresponding distribution robot by independent docking system. Some key parameters are as follows:

Set 1 HD camera, support face recognition, brush payment;

Equipped with a 15.6-inch HD display, you can play video and images in various formats;

Temporary storage has a ventilation system to ensure the food storage environment;

Delivery robot inner warehouse automatically induces items, anti-slip, leak-proof;

Delivery robots can call elevators from their own, and dial users notify me.

Distribution is a multi-link service scenario, including entry, scheduling, distribution, shutter, elevator, notification, pickup, feedback, etc., YOGO STATION Smart Delivery Station proposes a systemic terminal distribution scheme, which pass the cloud, The joint operation of intelligent storage sorting cabinet, distribution robot and IOT equipment will only be artificially realized by the entry link, while solving the non-standard delivery scene of the last 100 meters of the building.

In addition, it is understood that the YOGO station released not only has the function of the transition, but also the ability to scheduling, thereby implementing the key workflow of “Scheduling-Transfer – Dish”.

Take the most common delivery taken as an example, hungry Distribution, in addition to improving efficiency, can also cause the distributor from the risk of order timeout. “

YOGO founder and CEO Zhao Ming revealed that YOGO STATION has been tested in the actual environment, which will deliver mass-in-place delivery at the end of the year. The YOGO Station released is still mainly used in the takeaway scene.

Warehousing + scheduling, can YOGO robot smart distribution station change the extraordale gear?